During this free Training, You'll Learn:

🌟 How to build an ATS-compliant resume that makes a powerful first impression.

🌟How to craft an attention-grabbing resume summary that addresses employer pain points.

🌟 How to customize your resume for any job even if you're making a career transition.

🌟 How to write results-driven achievement statements that showcase your skills & expertise.

🌟 How to harness the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to streamline the resume writing process.

Plus resume reviews and Q&A at the end!


Can I watch immediately?

You bet!! This is a pre-recorded training. You'll have INSTANT ACCESS. Learn how to build a resume that lands you a job where you're thriving and getting paid what you deserve.


This training is for you if...

🌟 You’re not sure how to update your resume to fit each job you’re applying for.

🌟 You’re not sure what to include and what to leave out of your resume.

🌟 You're not sure about the formatting, structure or wording of your resume.

🌟 Your current resume strategy is getting you nothing but rejections.

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Professor Austin

Hi there! I’m Heather!

Hi! I’m Heather Austin, University professor turned Entrepreneur and creator of World-Class Career Academy and The Career Advancement Toolkit. I’m sure we can agree…searching for a new job, advancing in your field, and chasing your dreams are equal parts exciting and intimidating! 

Lucky for you, I am obsessed with all things career-related. When I'm not hanging out with my family watching movies on the couch, I'm helping others (just like you!) with job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and interview tactics. With over 15 million views on my Career Development YouTube Channel, I love to share my secrets!

For the past 15 years, I’ve been honored to teach thousands of clients and students how to find their next big career opportunity so they can grow in a field they love.

There is nothing like getting out of bed in the morning, knowing you’re making a greater impact in your industry. I can’t wait to help you make this happen in your life! My unique and proven process will give you the tools AND help you build the confidence you need to achieve your ultimate career goals.

You deserve nothing less! Let’s get started!