Inside your essential networking templates, you'll get…

🌟 A template for connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn after you've submitted your application, emphasizing your excitement and key skills.

🌟 A template for reaching out to a recruiter on LinkedIn before applying, showcasing your passion and strengths.

🌟 A template for following up via LinkedIn InMail or email after submitting your application, highlighting your admiration for the company.

🌟 A template for expressing interest in a company via LinkedIn InMail or email before an official application, outlining your professional background.

🌟 A friendly and professional template for letting friends or colleagues know you're on the job market, requesting their support, and offering your assistance in return.


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Five Star Reviews!

"I stumbled across one of your videos on YouTube and I have to say it was the best resume video I have seen! The information you provided was so key and truly helped me overcome the hurdle of writing about myself and putting quantifiable achievements into my resume (which I was previously lacking). I was able to land the exact job I was after with a 30% salary increase! The hiring manager mentioned in my interview that my resume was highly spoken about within the HR department, which is a first for me!"

~Amy S. (Senior Commercial Form Underwriter)

Five Star Reviews!

"I just wanted to send you a message and tell you how much your resume YouTube video helped me! Within 3 hours of sending in my resume the VP of my number one choice company contacted me and we moved along in the selection process on day 1! I never expected results like that! I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know you are on fire w/resumes! Thank you!"

~Clay Y. (U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Maintenance Technician )

Five Star Reviews!

Before using your resume template, I got crickets. Not a single message to take things further. After my new resume with your format and a new focus, in about two weeks I went from no interest to multiple staffing firms reaching out to me, an offer for temporary contract employment, and best of all my dream job with a local law firm in Philadelphia with guys that are kind, flexible and value work-life balance!

~Michael S.

Five Star Reviews!

"I lost my job due to COVID last year. I was applying for jobs when I could, but I wasn't getting results. I came across you on YouTube and revamped my CV according to your template, and watched your videos on interview preparation and the one on job interview confidence and I've just accepted an offer for a Project Coordinator role at a great employer! I found the CV template really helpful. This means a lot to me and my family that I'll be bringing in the money I wanted and working hybrid."

~Leah F. (Project Coordinator)

Five Star Reviews!

I have been a Realtor for the past nine years, and before that, I was in the US Army for another seven years. I had absolutely no practice. I used your resume template and followed all of your instructions to the letter and landed an interview with the exact company that I was interested in, the very next day. I was thrilled to know that you provided everything I needed to prepare to land this position, thank you so much!"

~Robert C. (Real Estate Advisor)

Five Star Reviews!

"Thank you for your amazing and insightful videos. I applied for a position with my state on three separate occasions and did not get the job. Prior to my fourth attempt (which I was very hesitant to do), I discovered your videos, and I studied them day in and day out. And guess what? I got the job!!"

~Michael W.

Five Star Reviews!

"I received and accepted an offer for a new position this past Friday! I’m just thrilled!  I applied last Monday and got the call and offer on Friday!  It’s totally amazing because although I didn’t have my resume finished the way I wanted it, I used the unique identifier and the professional core competencies section and bolded what I wanted to stand out.”

~Lisa R. (Registered Nurse)

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Hi! I’m Heather Austin, University professor turned Entrepreneur and creator of World-Class Career Academy and The Career Advancement Toolkit. I’m sure we can agree…searching for a new job, advancing in your field, and chasing your dreams are equal parts exciting and intimidating! 

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For the past 15 years, I’ve been honored to teach thousands of clients and students how to find their next big career opportunity so they can grow in a field they love.

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